SIAA (Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles) certified antibacterial coating “Resistor”
This is a "Restoa" video where you can see how the scratches on the paint disappear.
This is a video that shows the old beauty of "Miyabi".

Specification name

By purpose Specification name Description
Single color Two tone color
Coloring Solvent painting Mars Splay painting
Mist Jose Dots pattern painting
- Dual Arrangement using two different paint colors
Giga pearl - Painting using large pearl grains
Antique - Antique color painting with shirring process
Miyabi - Distressed antique color painting
Functions Lotus - Water repellent coating
Restoa - Self-healing painting
Regista - Antibacterial coating
Match the base materials Ti solvent coating - Direct coating on Ti materials
Mimosa - Anodized aluminum + painting on Al material
Dahlia - Anodized aluminum + painting on Al material
TN - Direct coating on Ti-Ni alloy material (memory metal)
Top coat specification name Description
Clear coat Glossy finish
P coat Semi-matte finish
M coat Matte finish