Color variations of “noble metal plating”

Color name Color Metal elements Nickel content
Grace gold Pale gold almost silver Au-Pd-Cu Not contain
White gold Pale gold color Au-Pd-Cu Not contain
Lunar pink Skin tone gold Au-Pd-Cu Not contain
Raster pink Golden color with deeper saturation than Lunar pink Au-Pd-Cu Not contain
Lumineol 24 gold color Au-Pd-Cu-Co Not contain
Rose gold Pinkish gold color Au-Pd-Cu Not contain
Palladium Silver color Pd-Ni Contains
Pure palladium Silver color Pd Not contain
Penta gray Light gray color Ru Not contain
Black ruthenium Gray color Ru Not contain

Specification name

Specification name Explanation
Single color Two tone color
Flash plating - Colored layer is less than 0.1μm
KGP Comet Thickening of noble metal plating (thickness can be specified)
KSGP Comet Noble metal plating on top of palladium base plating (thickness can be specified)
Titanium KGP Venus Direct noble metal plating on titanium material (thickness can be specified)
Super guild SG Venus Direct gold plating applied to titanium material with a thickness of up to 20μm.(thickness can be specified)
This is a specification for high-end products with better corrosion resistance than gold-clad titanium materials.
Titanium SPD Sirius Precious metal thickening of palladium plating directly on titanium material (thickness can be specified)
Asuka Yamato Antique color plating of noble metals
Gaia - Antique color noble metal plating directly attached to titanium material using black ruthenium

Plating thickness

Unit : μm

KGP KSGP Titanium KGP Titanium SPD Super gild
Various gold plating Various gold plating Palladium, Pure palladium, Penta gray Various gold plating, Palladium, Pure palladium, Penta gray Pure palladium Various gold plating
0.3 1.0+0.1 1.0 0.3 0.3 Plating thickness up to 20μm can be specified.
0.5 1.5+0.1 2.0 0.5 0.5
0.7 2.0+0.1 2.5 0.7    
1.0 3.0+0.1 3.0 1.0    
1.5 3.0+0.3 4.0 1.5    
2.0 3.0+0.5 5.0 2.0