We consistently perform various secondary processing before and after surface treatment.
Please use it to change the appearance or add accents.

Specification name Description
Gurade Create hair lines on the surface of the material and process various platings.
Point dyeing Partially dyeing the electrodeposition coating (two-color scheme)
Cloisonné Hand-applying color to various surface treatments
Laser marking Laser processing for marking patterns, text, etc.

"Grade" specification

By applying hairline processing to the surface of the metal frame and applying various surface treatments on top of that, the metallic feel with reduced luster is emphasized, making it an effective specification for expressing the appearance of aging.

※This specification is effective for metal frames with a glossy finish; please note that hair lines will not be noticeable with matte or pearl paint finishes.

Point dyeing on electrodeposition coating

It is partially dyed according to the shape, and unlike cloisonné and FC, it has an even color and surface texture. Please try this product if you are concerned about uneven printing or cloisonné.

※Point dyeing is not possible for noble metal plating, ion plating, and solvent spray painting.


We process cloisonne and FC after various surface treatments.

Laser marking processing

We process marking lasers after various surface treatments. It is also possible to color the laser-processed parts with electrodeposition coating, or to create interference colors for titanium materials.
Titanium and titanium alloy materials can be colored with the interference color of the oxide film on the surface by anodic electrolysis. The colors are unique and vivid, and gradation is also possible.

Color variations of “anodic oxidation”

Specification name Description Nickel content
U-pick Color is developed by depositing a Ti on Ti material. Not contain
D U-pick Colorizes the β-titanium base material Not contain
By applying a special nickel plating process to the superelastic alloy (Ni-Ti), it becomes possible to use silver brazing.
Specification name Description
Ni plating for NT brazing Ni electroplating for brazing on Ni-Ti alloy materials
Ni peeler for NT Peeling of Ni plating after brazing Ni-Ti alloy material
Screws and small metal decorations that are difficult to attach with a jig are placed on a rug and colored using a flash plating.
Specification name Description Color name Color
Baratsuke plating Flash electroplating is applied to small items such as screws by rolling them in a basket. Lunar-P Skin tone gold plating
Sun-P Light gray plating
Nickel Silver color plating
Gum Gray color plating
With plating Electroplating is applied to small items such as screws by rolling them in a basket. (Plating thickness can be specified) Lunar-P Skin tone gold plating
Lumineol 24K color gold plating
Palladium Silver color plating
A strong acid solution is used to remove discolored or hardened surfaces caused by welding titanium materials or heat treating NT materials. This process makes it easier to achieve a glossy finish with mirror polishing.
Specification name Description
Titanium Hatashi Acid treatment to remove braze burn on Ti materials
NT Hatashi Acid treatment to remove brazing burn on Ni-Ti material