This is a coloring method in which electrodeposition coating is partially dyed to create multiple colors.

Features of point dyeing

  • As with masking, it is done by hand, so it is possible to create multiple colors according to your desired color scheme to match the frame shape.
  • Since dyeing colors other than black are transparent, it is possible to create a finish that takes advantage of the mirror, blast, and hair lines of the metal.
  • Unlike cloisonné and FC processing, there is no step between the color-coded boundaries, and it is possible to color partially flatly without damaging the edge of the frame shape.

Plating specification name

Electrodeposition coating specification name + P dyeing (3-digit color number for point dyeing)  

  • This specification can only be processed with "electrodeposition coating" or "electrodeposition coating + M coat or P coat."
    (Cannot be processed into solvent painting, metal plating, or ion plating)
  • Since the base electrodeposition paint color is partially dyed, the color will be darker than the color of the electrodeposition paint, and the color will be a mixture of the color of the electrodeposition paint and dyeing.
<Point dyeing color number>