“Super Gild (SG)” is an electroplating method that uses a special 24K (carat) gold plating that allows for ultra-thick plating of up to 20 μm, which is difficult with direct gold plating on titanium frames.
It contains no nickel and has excellent corrosion resistance, making it the ideal surface treatment for use in high-end products such as gold-plated frames.

  1. Gold plating thickness up to 20μm can be specified.
  2. Since gold plating is applied directly onto titanium, corrosion resistance is excellent, just like titanium KGP.
  3. Even if you engrave or satin finish the frame before plating, it will not disappear after plating.
  4. The base is plated with 24K gold.
  5. The hardness of 24K gold is about 150-160Hv (25g load).
  6. The plating cost varies depending on the gold film thickness, frame surface area, and Au asking price.